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Nimble Peak Capital, LLC was for to formalize the Van Buren and Bascom family office, upon the family’s financial exit from New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc (NESL).  Nimble Peak Capital will continue the families’ investments through co-investment in GT Entrepreneurs and equity raises for Private Equity funds, real estate, and other investment opportunities.

NESL grew over five generation of the Detwiler family, starting in 1924. It grew from a single quarry and stone hauling operation in Waterside, PA into one of the largest family owned vertically integrated heavy construction and construction materials companies in the US.

Jamie Van Buren joined NESL in 1991 helping to grow the company both organically and through acquisitions during his tenure with the company. He worked up through numerous operational and administrative rolls, serving on its Board of Directors and finally becoming it COO and Executive Vice President.

In 2013 Mr. Van Buren retired from NESL, remaining on its board until 2015. His brief retirement led him to acquire the company’s concrete products division in 2014, rebranded it PennStress and fundamentally began building what has become GT Entrepreneurs family of business.

Larry Hankinson, CPA, also formerly of NESL, joined Mr. Van Buren as CFO in the PennStress acquisition. Mr. Hankinson was with NESL for 24 years, serving in several accounting roles including Corporate Controller and Budget Director specializing in accounting system design, cost accounting, budgeting, licensing, and multistate tax compliance.  He also oversaw the conversion & merger of accounting systems of various acquired entities.  He currently oversees all financial and accounting operations for the GT Entrepreneurs portfolio of companies and serves in an advisory capacity for all the GT Entrepreneurs businesses.


After working summers as a laborer, in 2011 Brenden Van Buren began his career at NESL in the heavy construction division as an estimator and project manager. He moved to PennStress in 2015 and subsequently enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University in their MBA program, where he graduated in 2017. The same year he and his father formed Generational Transfer Entrepreneurs, LLC (GT Entrepreneurs) with Gabriel Chick.  In 2018 Brenden’s search led him to acquire Pro Max Fence Systems, LLC, where he currently serves as its President and CEO.

Since the inception of GT Entrepreneurs, the Van Buren’s and Mr. Hankinson have invested capital in real estate enterprises and private equity funds, as well as providing equity and subordinated debt into the GT Entrepreneurs acquisitions.

Our team


Jamie Van Buren

Jamie Van Buren (MBA, St. Francis University 1995) continues his role as CEO of PennStress and Managing Director of GT Entrepreneurs. LLC and Nimble Peak Capital, LLC.  As Managing Director, he focuses on business development and strategic development of the operating companies.


Larry Hankinson

Larry a CPA, continues as CFO of PennStress and CFO of GT Entrepreneurs and Director of Nimble Peak Capital. He maintains his leadership roles in finance, accounting for our operating companies and provides diligence expertise for our investment opportunities.


Brenden Van Buren

Brenden continues his senior roll in Pro Max Fence as its CEO and has joined as Director in both GT Entrepreneurs and Nimble Peak Capital. As Director Brenden works on business development, investment analysis and strategy and tactical operation consulting for our family of businesses.


Paul Crowley

Paul Crowley has recently joined PennStress as Vice President of Finance and Director of Finance for Nimble Peak Capital. He earned his MBA from University of California, Irvine in 2016. He provides accounting and finance support to the existing portfolio and financial analysis and diligence for our investment opportunities.

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